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Does Blepharospasm Ever Go Away?

Blepharospasm is a neurological condition that causes the muscles around your eyes to involuntarily twitch or blink. This condition can range from a minor annoyance to a severe issue that can significantly impact the quality of life. Understanding blepharospasm begins with acknowledging it is a condition that many people live with, and although it may be challenging at times, it doesn't define the individual. Despite the discomfort it can cause, there are ways to manage and treat this condition effectively.

Duration and Frequency of Botox Treatment for Blepharospasms

If you've ever experienced sudden, uncontrollable blinking or tightening of the eyelids, you may have encountered a condition known as blepharospasms. This abnormal, involuntary muscle contraction can be quite unsettling, often interfering with daily activities.

Eyes on IPL: Reviving Beauty and Comfort with Eye Treatments

Looking and feeling good can help improve the quality of your life. Light therapy technology can help treat skin and eye conditions. Patients who want healthy, clear skin can benefit from Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment.

Contact Lenses: Finding the Perfect Fit for Clear and Comfortable Vision

Are you planning to switch from eyeglasses to contact lenses? Maybe you have been wearing contacts but have experienced discomfort with your current lenses. The good news is that you can find contact lenses that provide clear and comfortable vision. The wide range of contact lenses available can make finding the right pair confusing, but it is much easier with professional guidance. You really can find the perfect contact lens fit for clear and comfortable vision.

Finding Oasis: Exploring Treatment Options for Dry Eye Relief

Does your eye feel gritty or scratchy even when nothing is there? Do your eyes burn, itch, or turn red? Do contacts or screens bother your eyes for hours? You might have dry eye syndrome if you said yes to any of these. 

Clear Lens Exchange

Relying on glasses or contact lenses for a long time can be tiresome. Fortunately, modern advancements in medical technology have made it possible to correct vision using a simple surgical procedure called clear lens exchange (CLE).

What is PRK?

PRK, or photorefractive keratectomy, is a refractive surgery that helps treat various vision problems. Patients with refractive errors can benefit from the surgery, reducing the need for eyeglasses or contacts.

Understanding the Different Types of Glaucoma Surgeries

Eye drops are often the initial form of treatment for many patients with glaucoma as various eye drops can lower pressure in the eye. They achieve this either by increasing the fluid’s drainage or reducing the production of the fluid. This fluid, also known as aqueous humor, brings nutrients to your eyes and keeps them plump. However, this does not work for everyone. When all other options are not the best fit, or your ophthalmologist does not think you are a good candidate, glaucoma surgery is another great option.

Common Misconceptions About LASIK

LASIK is the most frequently performed refractive procedure in the United States for various vision issues. Yet, many people are reluctant to consider it because of widespread misinformation. It is critical to realize that it is an effective, safe procedure with a high success rate.

The Benefits of Early Myopia Treatment for Children

Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, is a common eye condition affecting millions of kids worldwide. It results from eye elongation that makes it difficult to see distant objects. Myopia, if left untreated, can cause various eye problems. These include retinal detachment and glaucoma.

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