Light Adjustable Lens

Light Adjustable Lens

Light Adjustable lens

The Light Adjustable Lens is a premium IOL (intraocular lens) and is considered a major advancement in treatment for presbyopia and cataracts thanks to it being the only type of IOL that can be adjusted to your individual needs after it has been inserted into your eye. The Light Adjustable Lens is made of special photo-sensitive material that changes the power of your implanted lens in response to UV light. This allows our eye surgeon, Dr. Katsev, to alter the lens power precisely to correct your refractive error, helping you to achieve optimal vision after cataract surgery. Dr. Katsev is the only surgeon who offers Light Adjustable Lens in Santa Barbara, and we are delighted to share this cutting-edge technology with our patients.

​​​​​​​Can the Light Adjustable Lens be used to correct nearsightedness?

The Light Adjustable Lens can be used to correct for farsightedness (hyperopia), nearsightedness (myopia), and astigmatism, meaning that there is no need for patients who choose this lens to undergo LASIK or any other form of laser vision correction surgery.

How is the Light Adjustable Lens implanted?

The Light Adjustable Lens is implanted into the eye using the standard surgical technique for conventional cataract surgery, which is extremely commonly performed and safe. The surgery itself usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes and performed using a local anesthetic, which means that you will be awake, but not in any discomfort. Your eye surgeon will make a tiny cut in your eye which will be used to remove the natural lens of your eye, and your Light Adjustable Lens will replace it, transforming your vision.

Once your eye has healed following your surgery, which normally takes around 3-4 weeks, you’ll be invited back into our office for a routine eye exam. During this appointment, your doctor will measure your new prescription and you will get to select the optimal correction for each eye. Next, your doctor will customize the lens power of your Light Adjustable Lens using your selected prescription. by directing a beam of low-intensity UV light onto the lens. The photosensitive material of your Light Adjustable Lens will react to the UV light and change shape to match your prescription. Multiple adjustments may be needed to achieve optimal vision before the changes are made permanent. When you are happy with your vision, we can lock the adjustment in and make it permanent, giving you the long-term clear vision that you deserve.

Key advantages of Light Adjustable Lens

- The only intraocular lens that can be adjusted after it has been placed into the eye.

- It can be used to correct near and distance vision, as well as astigmatism, giving patients the opportunity to enjoy clear vision at all distances.

- There is no need for further surgery to make the adjustments needed to optimize the lens for your vision.

- There is no need for laser vision correction after your procedure.

- Once your lens has been adjusted, it can be locked in place, forever changing the prescription of the intraocular lens to suit your individual needs.

- There is no need to ever remove or replace your Light Adjustable IOL.

Is the Light Adjustable Lens right for me?

The Light Adjustable Lens is a premium IOL that is permanently transforming the vision and the quality of life of many patients. However, this doesn’t mean it is automatically the right solution for every patient. You’ll need to attend a consultation to ensure that you are a good candidate for cataract surgery and that a Light Adjustable Lens is the best IOL for you.

Light Adjustable Lenses are only available at select locations, and with Dr. Katsev the only eye doctor able to offer this revolutionary treatment in Santa Barbara, if you would like to learn more or to schedule your consultation, please contact our office today at (805) 967-9990 and one of our expert staff members will be able to assist you.

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